List of functions of Group Task. Click the title to display the contents.

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Group-related functions

Work visualization
Whether in teleworking or in the office, it's easy to see what each member is doing right now and how much time is spent on each task.
Group switching
One account can belong to multiple groups. These groups can be selected easily from the menu bar. However, one account can create only one group and can be the owner of that group.
Member invitation
Group owners and managers can invite other members.
Customer invitation
Group owners and managers can invite customers to specific categories in the group.You can share the progress including the contact of the customer and the representative and the manager.
Manager authority settings
Among members of the group, you can set a specific member as a manager and have the same authority as the owner, such as category creation / editing authority and member invitation.

Category-related features

Usage member specification restriction
Use members can be set for each category.

Task-related functions

Add task request, edit, delete
You can request tasks from other members. Also, task creators can edit and delete tasks.
Set priority, person in charge, due date
You can set priorities, due dates, and assignees for tasks.
Message to multiple members is possible
ou can request the same task to multiple members at the same time.This feature can also be used as a broadcast to multiple members.
Create periodic task
You can easily register repetitive tasks.When you finish the task specified regularly, it will be a screen to register a new task with the same contents, so you can set the next due date and register.More flexible setting of dates (such as setting of the end of the month that does not overlap with weekends and holidays) can be made, rather than setting the cycle pattern.
Create child task
Under tasks, you can create multiple child (sub) tasks.It is useful to divide tasks into milestones or share tasks among multiple members.
Progress report request
The creator of the task (requester) can request the progress of the task from the person in charge (requested member) with a single button.Helps you understand tasks that are sensitive to your progress and help resolve delayed tasks.
Display by due date / priority in My task
Displays a list of tasks for which you are responsible and for which you must respond in order by due date and priority.This will always provide an efficient work order.
Image insertion, file attachment
In the task message exchange, you can insert an image, it will be easier to communicate the description visually.You can also attach files (typical file formats, ZIP files, etc.).
Formatted and pasteable, including HTML
If you copy and paste part of the web page, you can incorporate it into the message with the same design.You can also clear the form.
Manuscript text and script code can be inserted independently in the task message text.In this way, it is possible to convey instructions of work in an easy-to-understand manner.

Functions related to personal security

Email, Web Push, Notification in slack
Email, Web Push, and Slack can notify you of task updates for you and for tasks related to you.It can be selected and used.
Two-step certification
In addition to account / password verification using the web page login form, security code verification is also performed from another route to increase the credibility of the user's login.
Global IP access restrictions
You can set multiple global IPs that can access the site for each group. Access from unregistered IPs will be blocked.
Login log
Display login information for each account. You can check for suspicious logins.


Shared document
You can add, edit and view documents and links shared by members in the group.You can set browsable members for each document or link.You can group various manuals, minutes, links on work etc.
CSV import
It is a tool for those who used other task management systems such as redmine to smoothly migrate to Group Task.Import the original task management system ticket title, category, author, contact, and due date. The Group Task creates a link to the ticket for the original system.You can check the progress so far on the original system and advance the progress in the future with group tasks.This allows you to seamlessly transition to Group Task.
Mobile friendly
All operations are easy to do not only from your computer, but also from your smartphone, iPhone, and tablet.