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Questions before use
It is a task management tool to streamline the exchange of work requests in teams of companies, departments etc.
Job requests, status reports, consultations, approvals, and completions become smoother.In the team, there will be no work omissions, increased awareness about the due dates, and better overall performance.
Users are not limited to individuals, companies, various groups, or circles.You can also use it for personal task management and progress management.
Yes you can.Although there are conditions, you can continue to use it free of charge in one small group.You can see the details from the following link.「Course and fee
Yes, it's a mobile friendly service so you can use it enough.There is no problem with models such as android and iphone.
There is no trial course, as it can be used free of charge.
It works with the latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.It can be used on any OS that can use these browsers.
If you want to use it as a group, you will need to create a group and invite members after starting use, so you need to know the email address of the person who will be a member.
About the function
There are many functions related to task request exchange and useful functions such as shared documents.For details, please see the "Functions" page.
There are various parts that can be customized, such as group member permission settings and template registration.At first please try for free use.
Yes, you can limit the categories you can participate in.Also, viewing of shared documents can be set for each member.
You can see the details from the following link.Guide
Display in English and Japanese is possible.
Yes, we are welcome.Please contact us as an opinion / request from the inquiry by all means the point which you noticed.
About security
Two-step verification is available to all users.If it becomes a premium course, the two-step certification can be required.In addition, login log is also recorded.In addition, we perform SSL communication that provides authentication of the communication partner, encryption of the communication content, and detection of tampering.
If you are a member of your group and you have read permission for tasks or shared documents / links, you can also read them.Personal account information etc. will not be seen by others.Also, your task data can not be seen by anyone other than your group.
About courses and prices
The number of active tasks, viewing conditions for deleted tasks, and storage capacity used differ depending on the course.You can see the details from the following link.「Course and fee
It corresponds to the credit card.It will be debited automatically every month.In addition, we will also support bank transfers for users with a payment amount of $ 2,000 or more.
For paid courses, registration and credit payments will be made simultaneously.You can not cancel it.For subsequent payments, if you change to a free course at any time, no payment will occur.
Currently, it is not possible. In the future, we are considering.
Currently, it is not possible. In the future, we are considering.