Terms of service
Article 1 (General Rule)

Users (hereinafter referred to as "users") of the task management tool "Group Task" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by PRJapan Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") should keep the following terms(Hereinafter referred to as "the Terms").


Article 2 (Reporting obligation)

Users are required to promptly notify the Company if there is a change in the application content such as name and email address. If the notification from the Company is delayed or not delivered due to the user's failure to make such notification, it shall be deemed to have arrived when it may normally be reached.


Article 3 (Service Usage Conditions)

1) The user consents to get information on various services etc. related to our company by email.

2) This service can be used free of charge for free courses.

3) Users shall be able to switch to paid courses by paying the designated fee.


Article 4 (paid course's service)

1) Users who manage registered groups (hereinafter referred to as "group owners") can use the paid course service by paying the usage fee separately defined by the Company to the Company under the prescribed conditions.

2)The Company shall be able to change the usage fee upon notification to the user, and the usage fee after the change shall be applied from the time of new contract and from the time of renewal.

3) The usage period shall be counted from the time when the Company set up the paid course.

4) Paid course services are provided for only one group of group owner's account per payment.

5) Usage charge returns (and refund requests) shall not be accepted for any reason.


Article 5 (Data Management)

The user shall manage the data held by the user under his / her own responsibility. In the event that data is lost or can not be recovered due to any reason, the Company shall not be liable.


Article 6 (Password Management)

The user shall strictly manage the password for this service granted by the Company under his own responsibility. If the same user suffers damage due to failure to manage it, the Company shall not be liable.


Article 7 (Prohibited act)

Users shall not perform the prohibited acts described below. The Company shall judge the presence or absence of prohibited acts and shall not oblige the user to explain the contents and grounds.

・Transmitting data containing destructive constructs such as computer viruses.

・Transmitting data containing content that violates laws, orders, regulations, etc.

・Impersonate a false or fictitious third party, apply for participation in this service, or use this service.

・Conduct an action that may damage the service system or network.

・In addition, conduct actions that the Company deems inappropriate.


Article 8 (Reproduction, Redistribution, Prohibition of Resale)

You may not copy, redistribute, or resale, in whole or in part, our services without our prior written consent.


Article 9 (prohibition of right transfer lending)

Users shall not assign or lend to the third party all or part of the status under the Terms / the obligations under the Terms without prior written consent of the Company.


Article 10 (cancellation of user registration)

The Company shall be able to cancel the registration of any of the following users at any time and invalidate the service. Also, at that time, the Company shall not indemnify the user of the content, the explanation of the ground, the responsibility for indemnifying the paid service fee that has been revoked, and indemnify the data that the user had in the service at that time.

・If the user does not comply with or do not comply with the terms in the Terms and Conditions, and if there is a suspicion.

・When it is judged that communication with the user by email is impossible.


Article 11 (damages)

1) If a user causes a prohibited act or an illegal or illegal act as described in Article 7 and damages the Company or a third party, the Company can claim damages for the same user.

2) If the Company assumes liability for damages to a third party as a result of the user using the Service and causing damages to the third party, the Company will demand the all amount(damage costs and attorneys' fees) to the user. The user shall pay us the amount billed within 30 days of the claim. In addition, when the user does not pay by the due date, the user should pays an annual rate of 14.6% (one day is culcurated in 365 days for the payment from the day after the initial due date until the payment date). It is necessary for the user to pay to the Company the delayed losses which have been multiplied by the calculation).


Article 12 (Handling of personal information)

1) Users are fully responsible for the management of their personal information, must handle them and be careful not to leak personal information. Personal information includes: Information that can identify an individual by his / her name, date of birth or other description, or a personally assigned number, symbol or other code, image or voice Information that can not be identified using information alone, but can be compared easily with other information, so information that can identify an individual, etc.

2) The user assumes all responsibility for the damage related to the leakage of personal information held by the user, and the Company assumes no responsibility.


Article 13 (Stop, Change, Modify, Add, Delete this service)

We can stop, change, correct, add or delete the content of this service at any time. The notification to the user of the contents shall be made by email in principle two weeks or more, but it is not limited in case of urgent need.


Article 14 (Maintenance of this service)

Maintenance of this service shall be carried out regularly and irregularly. Users shall not be able to make an objection or request for a service stoppage during that time.


Article 15 (Restriction of Warranty)

The Company shall operate the Service with good intentions, but shall not guarantee the following matters.

・To keep the service running without any problems and without interruption that includes delivery delay, misdelivery, non-delivery, tampering, garbled, unintended delivery, and the like.

・To be repaired perfectly if there is a defect in this service.

・There are no destructive components such as computer viruses in the service configuration system.

・The security method described in the preceding paragraph should be sufficiently provided.


Article 16 (Limitation of liability)

The Company shall not be liable for any incidental damages, consequential damages, consequential damages, or special damages, regardless of default on the basis of this Agreement or tort or other claims.


Article 17 (force majeure)

In the event of a force majeure such as a natural disaster, explosion, fire, strike, flood, plague, riot or war act, neither the Company nor the user shall be responsible for fulfilling the obligations of this agreement and any delay in performance.

Article 18 (Government Law, Jurisdiction of Agreement)

The matters relating to this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the lawsuit relating to this agreement shall have the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.


Article 19 (revised)

These terms and conditions may be changed or revised at any time without the consent of the user at the discretion of the Company, and the user shall accept it. The above revised Terms and Conditions shall also apply to all relationships between the Company and users.

Last updated: May 29, 2019