Development Story

About the process of developing the Group Task and the vision for the future

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Company introduction (including other services)

Founded in 2000, our company was engaged in services such as advertising media.
Recently, we have narrowed down our business and provided mail delivery service and web form creation service that can handle inquiries.
Mail delivery service "VPS-NEO"
Form creation service "Form Answer"
In addition, we work on the production of the WEB site according to the client's request.

Task Management Initiatives

Since the beginning of our founding, we have had a lot of trial and error about the exchange of work in the company.

"Let's do that" "Let's do this too"
"Not only this, but we must do that."

Thinking this way, the number of tasks for which the staff is in charge has increased, and the number of tasks that have finished within the set time limit has been small, and therefore has been accumulating.

Both the people who asked for work and those who were asked for work were both tired.

So, around 2001, I also created an original in-house task tool.

The degree of achievement of an individual's task is the evaluation value of the individual's work as it is, and it is a tool of a mechanism that adds it to the salary.

However, the tasks still accumulated, and it seemed as if many tasks did not flow at all in the "habiting river" and were stagnant.

After that, put in a category management method, try creating a Gantt chart, try using another company's task management tool (such as an old famous one or an overseas task management tool which is popular now). I've been looking for something more efficient to process tasks.

However, I could not meet something that could be used continuously.

The reason was that the tools themselves were often cumbersome and difficult to use.

Process leading up to creating this GT (Group Task)

After experiencing various task tools, what we wanted was "easy to use and simple tools".

It takes time because there are extra functions.
So I decided to omit the extra functions.

And I decided to create a task management tool that I can use easily.

Even in the stage of finalizing the specifications, I tried not to add extra functions at first.

And, we actually tried using them, and added only the functions that we really needed.

In this way, a service called group task was born.

With the aim of simplicity, the name of the service has been changed to a service name that is easy for anyone to understand.

It is a simple and easy-to-use tool.

Nowadays, the place to work is not limited to the office desk, so I made it as easy to work as possible not only on PCs but also on smartphones.

Vision for this GT

"Task management" has almost the same meaning as "time management".
What do we produce by using limited time?

This Group Task is only a tool.

“Do to tasks” is the problem itself, “How do you work efficiently, and in a group like a company?”.

There is a limit to what the tool can solve.

As it is each person with individuality to use, there is a thing that usage is different.

Therefore, the know-how to “do tasks efficiently” is another very important element.
We thought that tools will be provided at and knowhow will be provided at

We believe that tools and know-how together can solve the problems ahead.

We will continue to improve the convenience of the Group Task , and research and provide their know-how.

We hope that the services we provide can facilitate business communication in a variety of companies and places of business, and that they can help as much as possible in order to work smoothly.

If you are using this tool and give us your opinion, we will be glad.