With this simple task management tool

Group Task

Team work will be the fastest!

Do you have any trouble like this?

  • The works I asked my staff do not complete on due date.
  • Many tasks are left unexecuted in the company.
  • The task management tool in use is difficult to use and does not penetrate members.
Our company had the same problem for many years and tried various tools and famous web services, but there was something wrong with it and it did not lead to a solution. It is Group Task that was born by trying to develop it in-house.

Group Task
eliminates work delays and omissions.
It increases team productivity.

And the work starts to go fastest!

Difference with other task management tools

Very simple

How to use is very easy. Anyone who can use a PC or smartphone can use it immediately.

You can continue this with the free plan.

The usage period of the free plan is unlimited.

How to use

Five points that make work go fastest

1.Notify the person in charge of the occurrence of the task in several ways.

The time for the task confirmation of the person in charge and the start of it will be faster.

2.In the representative's dashboard, tasks are always listed by due date.

You can work from the top in order, do not get lost in the order of work.

3.Overdue tasks are displayed prominently to the requester.

Constant awareness of the deadline leads to less task delay.

4.Requesting a progress report to the person in charge is possible by just pressing a button.

Tasks that were stagnating will resume immediately.

5.Responses can be made with a smartphone even while moving.

It will not stop the flow of work for the entire team.

Simple screen design that does not make you get lost

What features does this have?

All functions can be checked in Functions.

Development Story

Company introduction

We have provided mail delivery service and web form creation service that can handle inquiries.
Mail delivery service "VPS-NEO"
Form creation service "Form Answer"
In addition, we work on the production of the WEB site according to the client's request.

Task Management Initiatives

We have tried many existing task management tools for internal work interactions.
However, they are cumbersome to use and have too many functions, so they take extra time, and it has not been possible to prevent the delay of work or the accumulation of tasks.

Process leading up to creating this GT (Group Task)

After experiencing various task tools, what we wanted was "easy to use and simple tools".
And I decided to create a task management tool that I can use easily.
In this way, a service called group task was born.

Vision for this GT

The concept is simple and easy to use.
We will continue to improve the convenience of the Group Task , and research and provide their know-how.
If you are using this tool and give us your opinion, we will be glad.

Start now

Let's get started for free.
It's an easy-to-understand, simple screen design, so you can use it right away.

You can actually ask the staff for tasks in less than 10 minutes from the start of use.

After that, your team work will be the fastest!