With this simple task management tool

Group Task

Team work will be faster!

To presidents, managers, and team leaders

Do you have any trouble like this?

The works I asked my staff do not complete on due date.
Many tasks are left unexecuted in the company.
The task management tool in use is difficult to use and does not penetrate members.
Looking for a task management tool that can be used in the office or teleworking.
We have had the same problem for years and tried various tools and famous web services. However, they have too many functions and settings, and it was difficult to handle them. This puts an extra burden on the staff and we have not been able to resolve these problems. Therefore, this group task was developed as a task management tool that can easily work by separating unnecessary elements. If you have similar problems, try it.

Group Task
eliminates work delays and omissions.
It increases team productivity.

And the work starts to go faster!

Differences from other task tools

The design is so simple that you don't get tired.


You don't get lost with only the minimun function you need.

While there are many task management tools that you need to learn how to use the functions or you are at a loss, it consists of functions that you can understand and use easily.
ちょっとした作業の依頼から、スクラムを意識したプロジェクト管理まで可能です。Anyone who can use a PC or smartphone can use it immediately.

"Visualization of work" can be done

Whether in teleworking or in the office, it's easy to see what each member is doing right now and how much time is spent on each task.

You can continue to use it for free.

The free plan period is unlimited. (There are some usage restrictions.) Companies and teams that do not have many tasks can continue to use them for free.

The video of how to use

Five points that make work go faster

1.Notify task occurrence immediately

Using email, web notifications, and slack, group tasks notify the person in charge of the task request immediately when the task occurs. Therefore, the person in charge can grasp and start it early.

2.Display tasks in order of due date

In the assignee's dashboard, tasks are always displayed in order of due date. You only have to work in order from the top.

3.Display late tasks to clients

In the dashboard, tasks that are requested by clients and are past due are displayed prominently. Since the due date is always conscious, the delay is reduced.

4.Easily request a progress report

For tasks you care about, you can request a progress report by just pushing a button. Stagnated tasks will be started immediately.

5.Can be used on mobile

While on the move, you can work on your smartphone or tablet just like using a PC. Group task never stops the entire team workflow anytime, anywhere.

Simple screen design that does not make you get lost















What features does this have?

All functions can be checked in Functions.

Development Story

Process leading up to creating this GT (Group Task)
We have tried many existing task management tools for internal work interactions.
However, they are cumbersome to use and have too many functions, so they take extra time, and it has not been possible to prevent the delay of work or the accumulation of tasks.

Start now

Let's get started for free.
It's an easy-to-understand, simple screen design, so you can use it right away.

You can actually ask the staff for tasks in less than 10 minutes from the start of use.

After that, your team work will be faster!